Mission Statement

We create a partnership of students, staff, families and com-munity members who are working to empower our students to meet the highest academic standards, to develop social and emotional maturity, and to acquire lifelong learners and re-sponsible citizens.

Vision Statement

We set high standards and expectations; share knowledge and encourage individual growth; embrace change and improvement; develop a safe and collaborative environment for students, staff and families; and utilize data and best practices to guide and differentiate instruction.

Conduct & Discipline

We believe in the power of calm conversation to resolve most conflicts. We practice Restorative Justice. If there is disruption to school routines and the safety of students or adults is compromised, we will adhere to a system of restorative conversations and, in some cases, progressive discipline..

You can expect:

1. Teacher or staff will talk to the children involved to resolve the problem.

2. If necessary, the Counselor or Principal will talk to the children and contact the Parents/Family

3. Children will receive an Office Referral to take home and return the next day with a Parent/Family signature.

4. Families may receive an email from staff via Outlook or Synergy.